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A walkway is a pedestrian passage leading from one area to another. They are often nestled along the side of a home leading to the backyard or used to link different outdoor spaces, such as a pool area and a patio. Walkways are usually created using slabs or pavers (or a mixture of both) and framed by edges that control the flowerbeds that run along one or both sides. Techo-Bloc manufactures walkway slabs, pavers, and stone edges to keep mulch and dirt off the walkways. These outdoor stones are offered in various styles, dimensions, colors, and textures to harmonize with any home’s design and color palette. With the eye-catching allure of natural stone and the durability of concrete, these products will resist de-icing salt and contain color throughout for a natural wear – combining the best of both worlds. For design ideas or product samples, contact us , your local stone supplier by completing the form on this page.

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